Back Pain and Neck Pain

Back and Neck Pain

If you have back and neck pain, it may be something you have had for weeks, months or even years. We understand pain and discomfort can affect your physical and mental health and make every day tasks, work , hobbies and even sleeping extremely difficult .
Back and neck pain is an extremely common condition that affects in 6 adults at some point in their life and is a leading cause of disability in the UK. However only 1% of spinal related pain requires surgery and 90% of cases make a good revery within 12 weeks
Rest and pain relief will not cure or prevent future back pain
Effective treatment includes an active approach to back pain, with strategies to aid your own recovery and prevent recurrence. If you have suffered with back pain for more than 4 weeks then it’s highly unlikely to resolve itself with more rest and pain relief.
Back pain can be caused by a number of issues whether it is long term lifestyle or postural problems or an injury caused by strenuous exercise or an accident.
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