Sports Massage Therapy

What can a Sports Massage do for you?

At The Treatment Room, we take a special interest in sporting injuries and the rehabilitation of common issues affecting players of specific sports.
Sports massage entails the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of the soft tissues within the body in any client participating in sport. Every sports massage is influenced by a variety of things including a clients sport, time frame, age and request etc. For example, if an athlete is recovering from “shin splints”, compared to someone who is preparing for a marathon – both will require an extremely different treatment recommended by our sports massage therapists.
Sports massage can be administered in all stages:

Improve Sport Performance

Increase or re-establish a heightened sprint speed following a sports massage with one of our therapists. By increasing the range of movements in your joints, you can reach a greater stride length you may not have previously thought possible.

Improve the Condition of the Human Body

By improving the condition of your body through a massage, you’ll be able to sustain high-intensity levels in whatever sport/activity you enjoy. No longer will you have those little niggles holding you back from your best.

Injury Prevention

Don’t play sport with the constant worry of risking an injury. Increases in muscle length and joint range of movement following a sports massage will provide you with the ability to sustain overstretching and impact to the body without hitting the deck.

Injury Treatment

“Remember when I pulled my hamstring?” That’s the phrase you will repeating more and more often following sports massage treatment specific to any injury you may have suffered with. Research suggests, resting an injury isn’t enough anymore, it is important to address the injury with exercises and massage in order to increase the rate at which you recover! Reduce the levels of scar tissue in order to rid yourself as much as possible from that injury so it doesn’t “haunt” you in the future.
At The Treatment Room, we’re dedicated to helping you get back to your best. Our team of practitioners are ready to take your health to the next level.
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