Rico Zulkarnain

Rico Zulkarnain - Professional Futsal

Rico Zulkarnain is a professional and international futsal player born in Newport, South Wales. Having only discovered the sport of futsal at the age of 23, Rico is now the top goal scorer of the Welsh National futsal team and has managed to win titles and major awards in Wales, Indonesia, Australia, Dubai, Brunei and America, and is currently in the process of cementing his name back in Indonesia.
Known as ‘RZ9’ in the futsal world, Zulkarnain is fast becoming known for his incredible skills, competitive game play and his ability to score amazing goals. Rico is not only the UK’s most successful futsal player, but is a role model to all aspiring futsal players around the world, especially in futsal developing nations where players are wondering where futsal can take them or what the sport can offer them as a career.
From the man himself “It’s way bigger than futsal…”.