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Tip Tuesday – Self Care ep.1

Netflix and Roll

Tip Tuesdays are back!

This month we’ll be showing you some of the ways you can be looking after yourself and keep your body ticking over between appointments in these cold, dark winter months!

Foam rolling can be very effective at releasing those tense and sore muscles after a long day at the office or an intense session.

Finding new ways to enjoy foam rolling…

Not the easiest part of our profession

How about a little #NetflixAndRoll?

It’s a great way to ensure your rolling for a good length of time whilst distracting and desensitising the pain receptors (and not getting bored).

Pop on an episode of your favourite TV series, and roll away into those muscles!

Make sure you stay focused on what you’re doing and consciously roll into your body whilst watching.

Let us know what your favourite series to binge watch is!

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